Civil Labs is a social enterprise that cultivates young leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset.

We empower youth of color to make change in their community, and give them the resources to do so.

Our Oakland-based social enterprise is creating an inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem for young people of color. We launch ventures that create immersive learning experiences for young people to develop their collaborative ability, maturity, leadership, and perseverance.


Big Idea

Create immersive learning opportunities that use entrepreneurship and design thinking to engage the hands, minds, and hearts of young people of color in imagining and realizing a more just and inclusive future for themselves and their communities.  We are not about creating the next great entrepreneur per se. We are about working with young people to reframe the way that they see their community, and the problems and opportunities within it. With one foot in childhood and another in adulthood, adolescent youth are uniquely placed to access the intellectual agility and creative capacity to dream big and accept bold ideas at face value. Given a safe space to dream, they have immense potential to imagine beautiful new futures. We want all young people to realize that the future they see is not conceptual but one that they can shape and own.